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Promotional DVD's

Promotion DVD's by JBP Media

Being one of the foremost promotional DVD production companies in the UK our expertise can help your business achieve additional exposure and increased sales. Promotional DVD's have three main advantages over any other form of marketing tool. They can convey atmosphere, emotion and integrity to the viewer in ways that simply cannot be matched by more traditional forms of advertising.


Video has an ability to convey atmosphere like no other medium can. Potential clients can actually see and feel the friendliness and professionalism of your staff, the efficiency of your office or your state-of-the-art factory. Not only can a video show how your products and services look but also how they move and how they sound. From the slick efficiency of a production line in operation to a demonstration of the actual products in use, video can convey so much more.


With skillfully selected music and audio your promotional DVD will evoke emotion in the viewer which in turn can create a strong desire for your products and services. A prime example is the current Marks & Spencer TV commercials. Seductive music and voiceover's combined with tantalising images of food create a feel good factor which has resulted in a highly successful advertising campaign.


There can be no greater accolade for your company than a satisfied client telling the world how good you are on camera. Testimonials are used everywhere and for very good reason. A potential clients wants to know what existing clients think about your business. Anyone can write testimonials in brochures or on a web page but they are merely words. Put that same client in front of a camera and the emotion and integrity is immediately apparent. A satisfied client that comes across on screen as natural and genuine is worth their weight in gold.

In a world of increasingly tough competition a corporate video or promotional DVD is the best way to make your business stand out from the crowd. If you require video production in the UK or indeed anywhere in the world contact us today to find out how easy it can be to elevate your business to the next level.