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Keep your web visitors on your site

Today's web users have less and less time and now expect to see video on a site as a means of getting information fast and with a minimum of effort. If you want  to stand head and shoulders above the competition video is now an essential marketing tool to have on your website. The reality is simple - if visitors can't find a video play button on your site then be prepared for them to look elsewhere.

JBP Media are one of the longest established web and online video production companies in the UK with a wealth of experience in filming, editing, encoding and delivery. An internet video advert on your company website is incredibly powerful and offers so many benefits:-

Immediate 24/7 worldwide access

An online video advert or product demonstration is there for the whole world to see seven days a week. Visitors to your website who arrive via a search engine will be able to view your web video and see exactly how your business operates and how your products or services look, move and sound. Potential clients can instantly be shown your web video whilst they are still on the telephone. Marketing emails can contain a link to your online video. The list goes on!

Extremely cost effective marketing

Once the initial production fees are taken care of there are no ongoing costs associated with internet video adverts. You will no longer have to keep ordering additional brochures when your current stock runs low, or pay postage costs to get printed information to clients. If you thought you couldn't afford professional video production take a few moments to see what your annual spend on print and postage is. Then compare the impact of an internet video with a printed brochure!

Interesting and memorable

Research has shown that over 55% of people who have viewed an internet video remember the product or service featured. It is also a fact that people are far more likely to view an online video than read text on a page. The reasons for this are many but curiosity, a desire to be entertained and the need for information are among the most popular. The fusion of technology, moving images, the spoken word and music all combine to make watching an online video a memorable and enjoyable experience. The end result is an increased awareness of your brand and a higher perceived image of your company.

Contact us today to find out how an eco-friendly internet video advert can dramatically transform your website - and your sales!